The Business Improvement Network

About PJ Stevens

I was attracted to this Business Improvement Network because of its clear intention to help business professionals to Connect, Share and Learn, in the pursuit of improving business and businesses.

My purpose very much under pins that of BIN, which is to help others build even better business.

Over the years I have come to value the notion of collective brilliance, and would like to help this group to tap into the knowledge, experience and innovation that exists in this network, in order to help us all to improve ourselves, our teams and our businesses.

My career as a People & Business Improvement Consultant spans nearly 20 years, primarily in the UK, with experience working in the UAE, Europe, North Africa, Canada and the USA. My take on excellence and improvement comes very much from a people perspective, as in my experience it’s people who make the difference, who drive change, innovate and deliver great quality and service.

People absolutely need good process to operate in, as the old adages go:

‘People + Process = Performance’




Clients typically employ me to help them with Organisational Change, Enabling Excellence, Leadership, Culture and Risk identification and mitigation.

Clients include:

  • Helping TimeOut through their successful IPO
  • Managing Financial Crime & Risk at HSBC linked the FCA Regulations and the Bank’s desire to enable and deliver excellence
  • Turnaround project for a Swiss Pharma business to help improve quality, performance and profit
  • Working with Syscap on their journey to include a successful M&A with Wesleyan
  • Barclays Coaching faculty for Barclays

My role in the Business Improvement Network will be to host and facilitate Open Space sessions, offer coaching and support to members and be a catalyst to help you to Connect with others, Share your questions, experiences and insights, and Learn from each other to better equip you for your business improvement journey.

I love to discuss business, challenges, innovation and to be of service, so call me, I’m all ears!

"The Business Improvement Network is like having a friend at the end of the phone"

Suleman Sattar Quality and Lean Manager, Highways Agency