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Traditional Business Improvement Network events

We invite you to sponsor an open space Business Improvement event at your offices, in partnership with us, and be the host for the day. 

Historically the Business Improvement Network has delivered the majority of events at Members offices. By hosting these events, you help us offer workshops at a discounted rate which helps improve the quality of the events, the number of people we can help and therefore the overall positive impact BIN can have in the business community.

Companies choose to host events as part of their marketing and networking to help other business people get together to share ideas, experiences and knowledge in order to help improve business and develop professional networks. 

As host, you can choose a relevant topic dear to your business or business community, which will be of use to you, your business and to BIN members. 

The Business Improvement sessions delivered are valuable and highly participative, encouraging people to Connect, Share and Learn, around a given topic bringing to light insights, learning and change through #CollectiveImprovement

You can work us to deliver an event, and we can both invite guests, or you can choose to simply have us deliver your own business improvement event for staff, customers and clients in your network.

In the past, topics for discussion have included:

‘How can our industry improve quality, and to what effect?’

‘What role does Performance Measurement play in our business?’

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"Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the Improving the Internal Audit Process workshop yesterday. Judging by the comments made by some of the people that I spoke to you and your organisation are highly thought of"

Bob Davies Quality Manager, Siemens Medical Solutions

Get to know your host

PJ Stevens is an experienced facilitator who specialises in people and business improvement. He champions Open Space as a forum for relevant business discussion and is committed to collective brilliance. He is in the room to facilitate and help members to Connect, Share and Learn ... to improve business and businesses.

PJ Stevens

PJ Stevens, BIN - Business Improvement Network