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Host a consulting style BIN event, on a subject of your choosing or a challenge that your industry or business faces – which will also appeal to a select group of BIN members, subject matter experts, consultants and academics – and invite a mixed group of your staff and guests to discuss the topic at your offices, or suitable venue. This will provide you and the participants with fascinating insights, networking and potentially innovative solutions to the topic or challenge.

We refer to this as #CollectiveConsulting as participants work closely together to consult on a subject matter in a very effective manner, offering high value consulting for very low investment, through the facilitation and support of BIN.

Everyone leaves with value, be it a sense of self-worth from helping others, the value of building relationships, gathering information, insights and of course the potential to develop self, others and business through the shared experience.

As host, you will get attention points, useful information and potentially solutions to your challenge which you can choose to action as you see fit.

Topic examples for these mixed consulting session:

‘How can we improve the quality and retention of graduates and creativity in the arts industry?'
‘How can we, as small manufacturing businesses, survive and thrive over the next five years?’ 

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"Many thanks for yesterday's Performance Measurement workshop. I have clearer thoughts on the downward cascade from Strategy into the processes, something we have not got sorted yet. Thanks for a very useful day"

Jim Hathaway, Quality Manager, Beiersdorf UK

Get to know your host

PJ Stevens is an experienced facilitator who specialises in people and business improvement. He champions Open Space as a forum for relevant business discussion and is committed to collective brilliance. He is in the room to facilitate and help members to Connect, Share and Learn ... to improve business and businesses.

PJ Stevens

PJ Stevens, BIN - Business Improvement Network