The Business Improvement Network

What is the
Business Improvement Network?

The Business Improvement Network is a group of over 1,600 UK-based managers, drawn from hundreds of organisations. Originally with a shared interest in the best practice application of quality and business excellence approaches, the reach is now extended to include the people factors of delivering business improvement which are necessary in today’s changing and challenging environment.

Founded in 1997, the purpose of the Network is to connect people who wish to share information and experiences helpful to the improvement of organisational performance.

How can The Business Improvement Network help you?

Our Business Improvement Workshops can help your business to unlock innovation, creativity and change. Open BIN Events bring people from across industry together to share ideas and learn. Our Consulting Events are designed to address a subject of your choosing and are a powerful way to share ideas.

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"I think of The Business Improvement Network as an extremely useful resource so please keep up the good work!"

Ian Stanbury System Development Manager, Environment Agency