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Why use a Business Facilitator?

A good business facilitator will help you to work through a problem or process more effectively and efficiently, helping you tap into the collective brilliance, knowledge and experience that exists, but is often untapped, and therefore saving you time and money, improving the process of business improvement helping you to identify what needs your attention – and in what order – so that you can deliver improvements.

Clients often choose to employ the services of a facilitator or team of facilitators to help them deal with a process, work together to solve a problem or challenge, to help them reach agreement and understanding.

Facilitators can help individuals and teams to prepare for meetings, events, workshops and conferences and facilitate the business events to help you focus on the conversations, changes and improvements.

Here’s the type of feedback we hear from clients: Our facilitator stayed impartial, but supportive, and carefully helped us work through the process of identifying where and how we needed to change, to improve our section of the business.

One client specifically identified £21.7million worth of value from the facilitated programme.

Over the years the team at BIN have facilitated many events, including Business Conferences and Events for a dozen to many hundreds of participants, in the UK, Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Clients have asked to facilitate senior leader workshops, strategy sessions, team development programmes and roll-outs to help people and teams to improve the business at all levels including processes, service and performance.

Have you experienced facilitated Open Space events?

Having your event or discussion facilitated using Open Space Technology – or simply Open space – is a great way to engage and include participants. Open Space facilitation has been around for many years and is a proven way to create an environment where people tend to be more creative, open and innovative. 

The business benefit of Open Space facilitated sessions is that more insights, understanding and value can be shared, learned and gathered. This means that the process of improvement is itself improved, and the outputs from the sessions tend to be a much higher level than most internal workshops will produce.

At BIN, we have historically used Open Space as a means of running the majority of our Business Improvement Network events which has proved successful for participants.

If you would like to talk about your business improvement journey, events or workshops, please get in touch with us, or you might like to read the articles and see who else within the Network might be of service to you?

"I would like to thank you for organising the three quality workshops [at The Management Unit at The University of Reading]. I would recommend these workshops to all my colleagues in Quality Leadership roles in industry" 

Bert Hartog Manager MQA, Eli Lilly and Company

Get to know your host

PJ Stevens is an experienced facilitator who specialises in people and business improvement. He champions Open Space as a forum for relevant business discussion and is committed to collective brilliance. He is in the room to facilitate and help members to Connect, Share and Learn ... to improve business and businesses.

PJ Stevens

PJ Stevens, BIN - Business Improvement Network