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Whats in it for FDs?

On 18th May 2017

Here’s a photo of two great business improvement experts, specialising in quality and performance, at a BIN event.

Whats in it for FDs?

On the left, Vince Desmond acting CEO of the Chartered Quality Institute together with Leadership expert Edward Gordon-Lennox discussing the role of the Financial Director in business development and what’s in it for them (FDs) to invest in business improvement.

The FD can be a key player in sponsoring larger scale quality, excellence and performance change programmes, and therefore understanding the importance and value that can be delivered is all part of getting their buy in which enables FDs to fulfil part of their role in securing the (financial) future of the business.

"I would like to thank you for organising the three quality workshops [at The Management Unit at The University of Reading]. I would recommend these workshops to all my colleagues in Quality Leadership roles in industry" 

Bert Hartog Manager MQA, Eli Lilly and Company

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