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On 18th May 2017

At a recent facilitated Open Space event a group of 70 managers and leaders from across the UK gathered to discuss how they could make Business Excellence become business as usual across their divisions in England, Scotland and Wales. During the breakout sessions smaller groups identified key areas for delivery, challenges and risks to trying to enable this and what resources might be required to bring such a change to life.

This group of financial services professionals lead and manage over 1500 staff and are therefore key to delivering initiatives to improve business which will positively impact on tens of thousands of customers.

"I have attended five of the workshops and found them to be both informative and useful in helping me to establish which direction I have taken Quality within my organisation"

Fiona Ewart Quality Manager, Group Pensions, Prudential Assurance

Get to know your host

PJ Stevens is an experienced facilitator who specialises in people and business improvement. He champions Open Space as a forum for relevant business discussion and is committed to collective brilliance. He is in the room to facilitate and help members to Connect, Share and Learn ... to improve business and businesses.

PJ Stevens

PJ Stevens, BIN - Business Improvement Network